This blog was started in an effort to connect with other blended families to talk about the unique struggles we face. I became a step mother to a five year old in June 2016 when I married Giancarlo and felt like there were few resources available- especially when it came to intersecting with spirituality. I am writing because I am trying to find Jesus in the midst of this. Sometimes it is only glimpses.  I hope it is also an encouragement to families everywhere who deal with circumstances outside of what we dreamed our families would be. This is a space where I’m working out my faith with fear and trembling, but trying to walk faithfully to where God has called our family.

I am 24, wife to Giancarlo, and step mama to Nyra. I love red wine, boho little girl clothes (sorry Nyra), and theological debate. We call Greensboro, North Carolina home and love the Anglican church and the grace we receive there weekly. Life is hard, but we have a village that we are so grateful for. We are thankful for a community of believers that surround us, cheer us on, and remind us that We Can Do Hard Things.

This is a place where: Step moms can share joy, sorrows, and stories. This is a place where we can be honest about how hard blended family life is.

This is not a place where:  We bash biological moms. I know that MANY reading this blog will have truly horrible stories of neglect and abuse from bio-moms – maybe yours is truly awful. However, they are women just like us. They are women who have typically been hurt by a traumatic event- their family separating. We operate under the assumption that people are doing the best they can. Also, there are enough places where women tear each other down – this will not be one of those places.